Monday, January 9, 2012

A doctor

"Kalo udh gede, mau jadi apa?"
Itu jawaban gw dulu kalo ditanya tentang cita-cita. Hampir setiap ditanya mau jadi apa, gw pasti selalu jawab kepengen banget jadi dokter.

Dimata gw, seorang dokter itu keren. Bisa nyembuhin orang yg sakit, bisa buka praktek sendiri dirumah, uangnya banyak, pokoknya keren deh.

Tapi entah kenapa, begitu masuk SMA, terutama semenjak kelas 2 SMA, cita-cita gw jadi dokter luntur gitu aja. Kemaren-kemaren gw masih bisa ngomong gw mau kuliah di fakultas farmasi aja. Gw seneng sama farmasi, tapi gw gabisa bilang kalo gw udh gamau jadi dokter. Gw sepengen itu untuk jadi dokter.

Sangat lucu kalo lo liat cita-cita lo sejak kecil kandas hanya karna keputusasaan semata. Jujur, gw udh ga minat lg masuk fakultas kedokteran karena gw melihat hampir semua anak IPA pasti memilih jurusan kedokteran sebagai tujuan pertama mereka.

Kayak di kelas gw aja, dr 40 murid, lebih dari setengahnya memilih jurusan kedokteran. Siapa yg ga stress? Kalo dipikir-pikir, gw aja belom tentu bisa ngalahin temen-temen gw sendiri. Gimana untuk bersaing dari Sabang sampe Merauke? Keburu gondok kali ya.

Tp bagi gw, yg ga sepinter itu, untuk masuk fakultas kedokteran itu cuman buang-buang pilihan. Kayak lo udh tau ga bakal keterima kenapa lo masih tulis juga?

Salah sih kalo gw berpikir ky gini. Cemen. Kalah sebelum berperang. Tapi bukan gitu. Gw masih bisa mengukur kemampuan diri gw sendiri. Bisa dibilang gw pesimis. Tapi mau gimana? Kenyataan. Gw bakal susah untuk keterima di fakultas kedokteran di universitas negeri.

Tapi masa cita-cita gw sejak kecil kandas gitu aja?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It's 0:50 am now and I'm still here updating my blog. I tried to sleep but I can't lol that's why im here.

Anyway, it's already 28th of December 2011 today. I'm surprised how things went so fast in 2011. Literally. I don't know wether it's because I've been so busy all year with school stuff or whatever but time really flies this year.

So many things have happened in this year. From the best one to the worst one.

The best, is when I met you & when I can make my parents and family proud of me.

Meeting you is like the highlight of 2011. Actually it's not that I really just met you this year. But this year, I got to know you better and better. Lol. I want to laugh whenever I remembered that I met you few years ago and I've known you since then, but we never talk. But thank God I finally had a chance to know you better in 2011.

And, I can say that 2011 is when I make my parents so proud proud proud proud and proud of me the most. I feel like I've never made them as proud as now. At least during high school...

Of course not only good things that have happened in 2011. So many bad things also happened.

2011 was hard. But I never regret everything that has happened this year.

Bad memories are meant to be forgotten, but good memories can stay in mind.

Eventhough 2011 was hard, I'm pretty sure that 2012 will be harder. Many big things will happen next year.

2012 is my graduation year. Next year is my last year in high school and will be my first year in university. To be honest I'm not ready yet, but what can I do?

I'm facing national exam next year. It will be around April-May I guess so I need to work my ass off for the next 4 months so that I won't regret anything.

I'm really hoping that 2012 will be as fine & nice as 2011. I know as I get older, more problem will come so I'm just hoping that I can still do well next year!

And I wish I can use these 4/5 months left to get closer to you, before we go our own way :-)


Monday, December 19, 2011

Have never ever crossed my mind, that you, someone who i think wasn't important for me at the first time, would become a very special person for me.

I've known you for years. Chat, talk, and laugh with you everyday, every single time we meet, or whenever we have chance.

We talk like friends, laugh like bros, do work like pros until one day, there was something that knocked my heart and it made me realize.

I realized that I have this unusual feeling towards you.

I was so denial at the first time, I couldn't tell anyone even my best friends. When I told them, I only said that I was adoring you. But I guess, I was wrong. It's much more than adoring.

It's a love.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sunday, July 11, 2010



It's Dolly's big day! =)

First, Wowi would love to say happy birthday to Dolly.

Second, Dolly said thank you to Wowi.

Third, Dolly gave Wowi a late birthday greeting =)


FYI: Wowi is Fay's doll =) (Click!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1. You were my something. Yep. You were one of my closest friends. We sometimes chatted, talked about our own problems, shared, giving advice, and stuff. Then. We had the same serious problem. Then, we got closer.

2. You became my everything. Honestly, I'd never expected we would become this way. It's just too weird. For me. For us. We usually be friends. But, we became more than friends back then.

3. You are now nothing. I regret. Much. At first, when you came approaching, honestly, I didn't want to give you any single good responds. It's all because, you're not my type. Then, I don't want to break anyone's heart. But I don't know what happened, I broke those principles. I loved you. But then, we the feeling has just come, you left. Without any clear reasons. Maybe it's just too hard for you to chose. You couldn't decide. Right?